This page highlights our new Promotion Management Service to be available in the Summer of 2014. It is based on a set of rules or "Validations" that a visitor must complete in order to recevie the benefits of the promotion. These validations have been designed as "modules" so new custom validations can be added.

A single or any combination of validations can be implemented. Validations can also be daisy-chained. For example, when a visitor goes through the process of joining your email list to receive a discount coupon, upon completion and being presented with the printable coupon, the "Refer-A-Friend" validation routine can be daisy-chained whereby they can receive an additional discount coupon.

The Promotions System currently supports these validation routines:

  • Must be subscribed to our email list...if not, join to continue!
  • Must Refer-A-Friend
  • Maximum number of participations (restrict number of times a visitor can participate)
  • Must be within a pre-defined distance of a given Zip Code (great when doing facebook promotions that incorporate a "Give-Away").
  • Must agree to the Terms of Service

Validation routines in development:

  • Must "Like us" on Facebook
  • Must be a "Favorite" or "Watching" on Foursquare


 Ooops! We apologize for the inconvenience but this promotion is no longer available.

If you feel you have incorrectly recevied this message, please use this form to contact us where we can assist you on correcting the issue.

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