This page highlights our new Promotion Management Service to be available in the Summer of 2014. It is based on a set of rules or "Validations" that a visitor must complete in order to recevie the benefits of the promotion. These validations have been designed as "modules" so new custom validations can be added.

A single or any combination of validations can be implemented. Validations can also be daisy-chained. For example, when a visitor goes through the process of joining your email list to receive a discount coupon, upon completion and being presented with the printable coupon, the "Refer-A-Friend" validation routine can be daisy-chained whereby they can receive an additional discount coupon.

The Promotions System currently supports these validation routines:

  • Must be subscribed to our email list...if not, join to continue!
  • Must Refer-A-Friend
  • Maximum number of participations (restrict number of times a visitor can participate)
  • Must be within a pre-defined distance of a given Zip Code (great when doing facebook promotions that incorporate a "Give-Away").
  • Must agree to the Terms of Service

Validation routines in development:

  • Must "Like us" on Facebook
  • Must be a "Favorite" or "Watching" on Foursquare


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