One of the more interesting observations tha I've made is that there are virtually no web site management systems that have coupon management modules that provide powerful features that many local businesses require.

Because of our experience with numerous car wash operators who expressed the need to have coupons with particular capabilites, we concentrated an extensive amount of development to incorporate a module that dynamically creates these coupons. Some of the features of this modules are...

    Expiration date dynamically generated based on a fixed day (i.e. expires on June 30th) or expires on based on a pre-defined number of days that starts on the day that the coupon is displayed to the visitor (i.e. expires 30 days from "now"). The latter options is great if you have perpetual coupons and don't want to updated the coupon each month. It also gives the visitor true 30 days to redeem the coupon once they obtain it. An example of a perpetual coupon would be "Join our Email Club and get a Coupon".

    A barcode can be imprinted on the coupon which can contain any numerous types of data. The coupon data can be manually entered by the administrator to associate it with a promotion ID or code that relates to some other ongoing promotion

    If integrated with the POS Code Management module, the barcode can contain a one-time-use code (i.e. car wash code for a FREE Car Wash) that is pulled out of "inventory" and imprinted on the coupon.


    • Send Coupon to Email Address

    • Text Coupon to Phone


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