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Citadelnetworks was incorporated in 2003 and from day one, has been focused on providing the car wash industry with web site development and marketing soultions. I have been personally developing web based web applications since 1996. 

Here is a small sampling of some of our recent designs:

Note Regarding Design Templates

One would think that using a design template that already has a pre-defined look and feel would simplify the process of designing a web site.

In many cases this would be true, especially if you were exclusively looking to incorporate the templates look and feel.

However, the templates I've selected incorporate some fairly advanced "user interface" functionality (widgets) that go well beyond the look and feel. In order to implement the widgets in these templates, it not only requires considerable "programming" to incorporate (in any CMS system) but also requires a concentrated effor to debug and ensure that they are cross compatible across multiple browsers and plays well with existing CMS code.

When looking at the design templates being presented, please bear in mind that if we merely looking to incorporate design elements, we'll be able to keep costs down.

Should it be decided that a widget or collection of widgets be implemented, this will increase the cost of the development of the site.

The cost of this development depends upon the widgets being chosen and will have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Design Concepts

Organizations such as schools, medical, government and associations are fundamentally "content" centric web sites. A design layout that supports quick and easy access to desired content is imperative to a successful end-user experinece.

The template selections that I've made below reflect desgins that not only provide direct access to content but also ensures the "separation" of content by incorporating smartly placed "whitespace".

Without incorporating additional design elements, whitespace helps a visitor to distingush where a "block" of content begins and ends. It also lends to a cleaner look and feel.

The design template that I would recommend would be something similar to the Michael J. Fox web site. It's clean, easy to navigate and does not rely on excessive or high-resolution / impact images that the other templates are depenent upon. The other two templates simply focus on a design "philosophy" that incorporates the aforementioned white space as well as a sensible navigation structure.

"Smart" Design Template

"Unify" Design Template

Michael J. Fox Organization

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