One of the new features that has been incorporated into the Citadel CMS Framework is the Kios Service module.

The Kiosk Service module is a specially formatted interface that enables car wash operators, distributors, vendors and associations implement a on-location "kiosk" at their facility or tradeshow. Currently, the kiosk supports the ability to collect email addresses but future capabilites are on the way (book appointments).

This module was born from the need for a car wash operator to place a tablet on a stand at the service counter or waiting room and invite customers to join their email or VIP Clubs. The submitted data is immediately pushed to Constant Contact.

In order to encourage new members, the attendant can simply say "If you join our VIP Club today, I can give you an immediate $2 off todays purchase" (very much like how the major store chains encourage shoppers to sign up for a store credit card).

When the visitor submits the form, it checks to see if the email address they entered is already in the database. If the visitor is not in the database, the counter person can provide the discount. If the visitor is already in the database, the kiosk will notify the counterperson where he/she can give the full $2 discount or optionally, a "reduced" discount.

One of the great feaures of this module is that it does not require the primary web site to be hosted with Citadelnetworks. This system can simply be run as a stand-alone service.

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