The goal of this presentation is to provide the New England Car Wash Association (NECA) Board of Directors an overview of the features, functionality and possible design concepts that would be available when re-developing the NECA's web site upon Citadel's new CMS Web Application Framework.

Although it has take a bit of extra time to build out, this presentation has been implemented upon the same system that the NECA's web site would be built upon. I felt it was important for those who would be reviewing this information to get a real-world sense of how visitors would navigate and experience the NECA's own web site.

Since this web site and the NECA's new site would share a common framework,  pretty much most of the functionality that you see here could be available to the NECA's site as well.

About The Citadel CMS Framework

The Citadel CMS Framework (v5.0) is a "centralized" system that has been designed to "evolve" and expand beyond its own current capabilites.

It has been re-architectured to be more flexible in it's ability to:

  • Accept new modules that can be developed and integrated into the Framework in order to accomodate various business models

  • Accomodate various design concepts and layouts

  • Take into consideration and accomodate current and future technologies that make use of various devices (i.e. mobile phones, tablets, etc.)